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Directors & Officers Liability Insurance

Statutory Exposures (Typical)

  • Health & Safety at work act
  • Data Protection Act
  • Transparency Obligations
  • Companies Act 2006 (hundreds of possible offences)
  • Racial and Sexual Discrimination
  • Ageism and Disability Discrimination
  • Insolvency Act (wrongful trading)
  • E.U. Directives and Regulations
  • Consumer Protection

Taking into account the exposures highlighted, a Director has to be mindful of all these when considering the following circumstances which quite often give rise to claims or legal proceedings


  • Sale of Assets/Divestments
  • Acquisitions/Investments
  • Poor performance
  • Share Issues/Change of share ownership
  • Expansion Plans or Rationalisation
  • Liquidation
  • Failure to supervise
  • Adverse publicity
  • Dishonesty of fellow directors
  • Safety and emergency regulations
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